Top 4 Resume Writers and Writing Services in India (Write Right, E-storytellers, Taletel, Kalamkagaz) [UPDATED 2022]


Just completed graduation? A visual CV portraying your core competencies and soft skills is enough to set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

Contemplating about switching job profiles? A storyline in a professional objective can make the recruiter shortlist you in the screening process. 

Planning to move up the corporate ladder? Let’s have a CV highlight all the relevant achievements and projects you’ve done.

One of the most significant and pragmatic documents a person has is a Resume. It’s a summary of your past professional and academic trajectory. For a person with a lot of years of experience, a Curriculum Vitae is more practical as it showcases an elaborated version of the whole history of your credentials. In contrast, a resume presents a concise picture of your skills and qualifications for a specific position.

Why do you require a professional to help you with your resume?

According to a survey, HR doesn’t spend more than 10 seconds on a candidate’s resume. If that’s the case, then it is only natural for even a seasoned professional to create a 2-paged resume and a fresher to highlight all the important and relevant skills in a visible and catchy manner. Not only this, but HRs also use various applicant tracking systems to perform screening and shortlisting. It is, hence, imperative to use the most optimum format and right keywords if a person wishes to land his/her dream job. 

A resume should constitute the following features:

  • Highlight a person’s professional summary in a crisp manner
  • Have a systematic format clearly mentioning Contact Information, Objective, Experience, Education, Skills, and References (if any)
  • Include visuals for soft skills or core competencies
  • Should have a chronological arrangement of a person’s professional career
  • Mention the person’s academics in a precise format
  • Can include a professional picture
  • Formats differ for international and domestic roles.
  • Shall inculcate keywords for different job profiles

 If the minute details are not taken care of, the person can get rejected without even getting a chance to have an interview with the employer. Here’s why they have shortlisted India’s top resume writing agencies who have writers ranging from 4-10 years of experience across all domains such as IT, Consulting, Finance, etc. Let’s have a quick glance at these:

1. Write Right


Offering a tremendous range of services for more than five years now, Write Right has gained a loyal customer base. From technical, advertising, marketing, non-technical, and SOP writing, they are globally ranked by Good firms and Clutch as the best among the best content writing agency for India and abroad. With 500+ Google reviews, the quality of the service speaks for itself. Here are the three things that they say are their special ingredients:

  • Offering qualitative service
  • Effectively complete the work in the mentioned deadline
  • Personalized services based on the necessity of the client

Why choose them for resume writing service?

  • Critically analyzing the candidate’s skills and experience along with the domain
  • Visual and Textual resume highly approved and appreciated by recruiters
  • Creating appealing as well as informative resume
  • Transparently communicate your requirements and queries to the writer 
  • Professional writers with 5+ years of experience
  • Considerable knowledge about the right format and right keywords

Not only resume, but they also help in other services which help in boosting your overall profile. A professional resume is used by a fresher to apply for a new job or a professional who wishes to switch jobs. The visual resume incorporates a resplendent combination of graphics and pictures, giving the recruiter a pleasant sight of information. An international resume shall include the relevant details of the work permit, language credentials, and visa information about the applicant. A cover letter is also offered by this company which essentially explains how the applicant is suitable for the vacant position. Other than this, Linkedin profile optimization is also possible with them. In this world of microwave mentality, everyone wants everything in a New York minute. The same goes for the professional world. As more and more professional networking sites are evolving, it is only natural that a person’s profile acts as a window to his previous work exposure and upcoming aspirations. That’s why it is highly consequential for you to fill in all the relevant details and materialistic information on your Linkedin profile and to showcase the above exquisitely to grasp more enormous opportunities. They’ll make sure to incorporate every professional detail and revamp your profile completely.

2. Taletel


They are a team of highly experienced and dynamic content writers consistently offering superior quality work. They have created content for a wide band of spectrum and have assisted thousands in giving a face upliftment to their SOPs, LORs, and resumes.

Their USP is the amalgamation of the following qualities: 

  • Completely Customised content as per the requirement of the candidate
  • Efficiently completing work on time while maintaining quality and precisionHighly reasonable prices and quality services when it comes to quality and format of resume.
  • Get the expertise of trained and proficient resume writers who have experience in writing for a plethora of categories, including technology, science, sports, fashion, literature, just to name a few. 
  • Fast & flexible to work double shifts or to match your time zone.
  • You can trust us with words, grammar, spelling & everything else.
  • Use of premium software to create ATS friendly resume

The more precise is your Resume, the better will be your career. In such cases, you need a compelling resume that will grab the attention of the job seekers. A professionally written resume is resume eliminates the chances of getting lost in the resume black hole. The professionally-written resume includes all those elements that you require to get an instant job. It includes personal engagement, skill enhancement, executive layout, keywords, and many more. The perks that you get also includes:

  • Instant job achievement
  • Attracting the recruiters
  • Get easily noticed

3. Kalam Kaagaz


The company, which is founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi, one of the best content writers in the world, is typically more inclined towards offering resume writing, Linkedin profile building, and cover letter services. Their range of elite services also includes SOP, LOR, Website Content, Articles, Blogs, Technical Content, Visa SOPs, etc. Their resume writers are experienced and certified who will holistically help you build your profile across Linkedin as well. Their resume creators are indeed the specialists who can rephrase keywords, revise your job history, and polish your accomplishments. They generate eye-catching and sophisticated materials that portray your talents and abilities in the best light possible, resulting in an exceptional Resume. Perks of choosing them:

  1. Deliver Quality Writing– Although there is no clear link between people’s language proficiency and work success, strong content in your CV suggests strong performance. Hire a professional resume writer to guarantee that your resume is excellent, and you will be less likely to be rejected.
  2. Demonstrate Self Assurance– Your CV is viewed as an expression of personal self-assurance. Reputed resume writers consolidate your pertinent talents and professionally present them on your resume. It might be challenging to demonstrate your own set of abilities in a confident manner. As a result, hiring the Right can boost your approach and offer you more assurance than your endeavors.
  3. It helps you pass the 10-second rule– Prospective industries don’t have the wherewithal to pass every résumé for a given subject. Your CV should thus be likely to transmit the 10-second rule. Competent practitioners have a thorough grasp of a specific business and so can retrieve your resume by the 10-second rule.
  4. We Carry Out The Task– Once you’ve accumulated enough industry experience, you’ll need to include a corporate description on the resume that explains why you’re changing jobs. The objective ought to be precise and succinct, and it should make you an excellent match for the position and the company. 
  5. Customized Perspective- After making your approach, you will be contacted by one of our expert writers. The skilled resume writer will next collaborate with you to glean data, write and organize your material to construct it, and provide beneficial ideas. Your final document will summarize your expertise, talents, and objectives in a compact template tailored to your desired career path.

4. Estorytellers


India’s top-notch Content writing and marketing agency with 25+ writers and five years of experience is also on our list. Offering 24*7 customer support, 100% plagiarism-free content, fast turnaround time, complete transparency, and reliability, Estorytellers has clearly gained the trust of thousands of clients.

They offer high-quality resume writing services that help you to make an amazing first impression. Gathering all your details and utilizing the skills of the writers, they create a resume that perfectly fits your needs. They can help you save your time and energy by writing a CV that describes you and your experience well. Hiring them to write your CV is an investment that will reap multiple benefits. They have a team of talented and versatile writers who are experts in the field. Their wide network of clients is proof of the top-notch services ensuring a seamless and hassle-free user experience. Their team at Estorytellers aims to deliver the best quality of work and make lasting connections with the clients. They understand how important it is for job seekers to kick-start their careers on a positive note, and they work towards helping them achieve their goals. With the help of their professional resume writing services, you can get a detailed and well-written resume. Plus, they are fast and efficient, and our services will help you to increase the potential and accuracy of your bio.

We have shortlisted the best companies for you, now you can go ahead and land your dream job by opting for any of the above. Contact them right away and get a customized resume that will yield you benefits for a long time.

Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

Creative Content Writer and Copywriter, Bhavik Sarkhedi is the author of 7 published books. He is the founder of 'Write Right' - a 7 year old independent content writing agency, primarily targeting businesses and startups with the technological background. He has been a dedicated and freelance content writer to Entrepreneur India Magazine, HuffingtonPost, Yourstory and 15 other reputed blogs

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