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Companies are in dire need of content. In this market, there are innumerable firms selling similar products, and there is little but negligible difference between them. In such a situation, competition and sales solely depend upon the content and how engaging and relatable it is to the client that intends to make the purchase. However, before delving into the forms and firms, it is important to understand what exactly is content.

While Jeff Bezos utilized the onset of technology to human civilization, he paved a path for the digitalization of human life, making it very convenient for customers to buy products and manufacturers to sell products. Since then, websites, applications, and page have inculcated a novel form of business which is commonly referred to as e-commerce. This form of market thrives on two components alone, content management, and content writing. Though the former element ranges from a vast perspective of understanding like design and layout of applications and pages, content writing is the verbal persuasion to purchase a product viewed through a screen. Although it sounds simple, the human psychology may not be that liberal and forgiving.

To be fair, it is an ordeal to convince a customer that the product which they see on the screen will fit them perfectly and over that, they would actually look as exquisite as the model donning it in the pictorial description. Nonetheless, content writing has been doing it since and today it only looks ahead at a steep growth in demand and variety. Although it takes an extravagant blend of language, comprehension, phrase, vocabulary and grammar, a content writer adept enough could pull it off exactly according to the needs of the seller and the preferences of the seller.

In that context, the next point of discussion would be the various forms of content writing. At this juncture, it is important to disclose that from a simple tag to a long-drawn blog on a particular article, each of them is branches and specs within the umbrella term of content writing. However, for the sake of convenience, the industry has made an effort to bifurcate the genres effectively into recognizable groups. They assimilate and rearrange themselves through the journey of content targeting the emotions and afflictions within a prospective customer and once that bond is established, a brand sells itself. Thus, following are the most commonly and regularly used classifications of content:

Landing Page

Landing pages are the first line of contact with a buyer over a website, and it sports one of the most appealing page designs and layouts intricately studied with colour psychology, preferences in font and various other criterions. However, the content written on the page is important as that would be the client’s first impression of the brand. A product, able to jolt a bond in that page seals the faith of the customer or the client.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Marketing is the best way to reach the youth today. As the entire generation is neck bent over a 6-inch screen, if a product has to grab their attention, social media is the path. However, just reaching their screens isn’t enough as scrolling is a persistent habit. The advert or promotion needs to reach their conscience and battle it out with their sharp and selective likeability. Thus, writing and articulating social media post does not only demand catchy sentences but relatable content too.

Blog Posts

Once a reader is at ar blogpost, a product must assume that the reader is interested and has his/her undivided attention. At this juncture, the write up could be elaborate and explanatory as the reader is them to know more and decide on buying new products from the respective brand. Thus, blogposts too, besides being relatable must host content that is informative and enlightening.

White Papers

The expression of a thought, the appeal it is supposed to gather is weighed in through white papers. Educating and radiating awareness about intricate topics that deal with specific information are the table of contents for a white paper. The opinion of an author, his credibility, the worth of a product and the thought-provoking ability of a leader, it is judged from this type of content.

Case Studies

Case Studies are not primary to the content business. They have been a primeval form of education since long and have carried on their trail into this new form of trade too. Case studies on a website usually unravel the stories and anecdotes related to the success of the firm or company and how they went about to achieve that. It helps new clients and customers frame a proper picture of the credibility and past history of the company with which they are planning to engage in business. In the long run, it proves to be very beneficial as it acts as a testament of the quality and service promised.

Product Descriptions

Probably the most important type of content in the entire business, this form is famous for its ability to bewitch the customer. The flamboyance does not matter for this content as far as the writer can engage the scrolling individual with a real-life situation or with a catchy phrase. The efficiency lies in the perspective that what enables the client to stop scrolling and engage into the product.


A stark quality that content must maintain is that they should never appear pessimistic. However, comparison in the essence of it is supposed to outweigh the product or the adversary services. However, this too is achieved with subtle display of prices and service quality side by side to portray the comparison but not hurt the image of the compared brand directly. This effective method is achieved through the accurate use of words and phrases in the comparisons.

Content Marketing

Under this umbrella term again, written and verbal content is a spec. Ranging from various forms and methods, content for marketing is usually catchy, relatable and is supposed to stick to the mind. Usually rhyme and rhythm is employed in this task along with various other forms of memorable actions that often lead to unprecedented marketing and promotion of a product or service.

Goals and Objectives of Publishing Magnificent Content

While writers indulge in framing the content of a website, they intend to articulate the manners in which they will approach the content before they can begin writing. This approach is usually catered to the needs and preferences of the product along with customer and client base it intends to target. All these factors culminate and form the most important and engaging form of content over the website. Having determined the prerequisites, here is a list that jots down some of the most important variations and specifications to objectives for content writers:

If manufacturers and clients are looking to grow through digital marketing, the brand content and website content should cater to the language and style used to social media content attracting the vast volume of crowd over those platforms.

Writers often toy with the emotions of the client frequently reaching out to them, infusing an element of action through their content that invigorates readers and clients towards the prospective movement and also through that medium towards the product.

Another tweak practiced throughout the content writing industry is the use of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the holy grail of content writers and often more than less, a content is framed according to SEO. It allows the website to rank better and efficiently on google pages and thus attract a huge amount of traffic and visitors to the page. Being able to feature on the first pages of google allows to harness that credibility and client faith that a successful product or website demands.

In order to achieve these objectives again, content writers have to harness and cultivate a set of skills beyond the flow of language. It is a fusion of research, knowledge of reliable sources, keyword infusion techniques, knowledge of style and form of writing, ability to communicate with the reader, meet deadlines and also accept and learn from perspective feedbacks. Having pursued this line of thoughts and practices, it is impossible for a writer to fail in this industry. As a matter of fact, each more and more professionals are quitting their monotonous routine to join this industry for the various perks and benefits. Today, this is one of the most booming forms of business over the internet and the world craves for more freshly framed content each day. The prospect is such that there are humongous organizations offering a plethora of content writing services. Here is a list of the top ghost-writing and book writing services over the internet.

Best Content Writing Services in 2022

The decision to rank content writing services is an ordeal. Thus, there cannot be a definite order. Yet this list is a refined and well researched set of services that have proven their allegiance to the clients through repeated on-time submissions and catering to a huge set of clients their work too is well formulated across several genres distributed over a vast range of services. Ahead are such services and firms that have the faith of clients worldwide.

1. Estorytellers 

Catering to customer specification for almost a decade now, Estorytellers have an interesting tale of success. Specializing in ghost-writing services with a concentration over professional academic essays, statements of purposes, personal statements, letters of recommendation and alike documents, this venture has been delivering and framing lives of various students who are beyond par in their sense of knowledge in subject matter but remotely doubtful about their expression in English.

Tailor-made statements of purpose, and essays for each student so that none can match with another over-processing and assessment, they have been one of the most sought-after firms in this industry for a while now. Their attention to detail is unique and the skill to frame an engaging narrative around the experience of the client is what sets them apart from the rest.

2. Express Writers 

This platform has engaged in bridging the gap between website developers and freelance content writers for over a decade. It gives you the option to choose between prospective packages and clients could even choose between one-time services and services stretched over a period of time. They are usually very professional with their approach to the content and their writers are screened through an intensive procedure and further trained into the system. Thus, the product and service they provide is often unparalleled in the industry. Although their rates do not make them the most affordable writing option around the internet, they are famous for delivering to the price and promise.

3. Taletel

Another favorite to scholar’s worldwide, talented has a faithful clientele around the globe. The services provided link writers, storytellers and scholars on a common ground to frame the most appealing and thought-provoking content for educational institutes. They are known for their affordable rates in the business and always stick to their deadlines. Topping that off with academic flair among the writers to interest students and enthusiasts over the world, they have been excelling at this art for almost a decade now. Established a strong ground in the market, very few firms can compete at par with Taletel.

4. Fiverr

The one-stop destination for freelance writers around the globe, Fiverr has successfully engraved its brand in the content writing business. There are very few platforms that host as many as writers as Fiverr and yet maintain quality. Referred to as the market for content writers and freelancers, Fiver suggests a huge advantage of choice in a particular price range. It also displays the credibility and past work of each writer so that user can decide before buying a particular service. Fiverr has options to create blog posts ranging from the price of $5 to $500. Thus, the range of choice is huge.

5. Kalam Kagaz 

Launched recently, it is taking the market by storm. Catering to website content primarily, writers at this firm are driven by the sense of making appealing content. There was never an objective better to frame catchy content and Kalam Kagaz does that effortlessly. Be it any kind of website, e-commerce or information portal, this firm has established an effective method of delivery through client interaction. They learn and study the product to make the content cutting edge. The unnecessary usage of flamboyance has been done away with here and their sole motive is to connect. With affordable rates and endearing cooperation, Kalam Kagaz is rapidly growing its clientele through the industry.

6. Write Right

Very few in this business have been capable to achieve what they have achieved in nearly a decade. Hosting a set of motivated writers and content creators in their humble team, write right has reached heights unprecedented by their very own founder. With clients scattered over the entire map, they understand the need of their client. It is through client stories that this fact is assured that once a client does business with write right, they seldom go to some other services. Ranging in content from website to academic to personal and corporate, they often take extra care to articulate their content. Furthermore, quality within set deadlines sets them apart from the rest and makes them desirable.

7. Scripted

Scripted gives access to professional writers for clients so that they can access state of the art facilities in their content which could help them to reach more customers and clients. It is not shocking that they enjoy a certain monopsony over website content as they have a dedicated team that is not only skilled but experienced. Their screening process is heavily stacked with intense exercises and grammar tests which train an individual. However, they are quite extravagant in terms of pricing. Yet, their services compliment the price as the client would not have to worry an ounce once booking their service. There are sets of managers that look after each set of projects and their necessary information while looking into prospective SEO tweaks and marketing schemes. It is befitting to say that they are one of the best in the business.

8. Solved

Catering to the content needs of business agencies, bloggers and publishers, this content writing firm based out of London means serious business. The flair of words matched with the wisdom of knowledge over a webpage is their mark of excellence. They have achieved a certain dexterity and mastery over this field been writing content and catering to client needs for over 8 years now, they are trusted by leading brands such as GoDaddy, Venture Beat, Entrepreneur, Elegant Themes and Cloudways. Blogposts, articles, educational, White papers, guides, e-commerce or press release, they have it all.

9. Content

With their mark of authenticity dipped in carefully screened writers with an acumen for pitching unique ideas and thoughts for each project, content have earned a name for their service. It is their unparalleled promise to original and industry-specific content that attracts clients such as Expedia, SkillSoft, LegalZoom, Questex and American Addiction Centres. They are even strong in their editing and proofreading before they hand over the text to the client and the potential and scope for error is minimalized. They are again a little extravagant in matters of money and payment but are always able to deliver to the price

10. Verblio

Involved in the fast-growing business of connecting clients to a plethora of freelance writers, Verblio provides another unique mark and standard of content. The element that separates it from the rest of the competitors is the perfect and sought-after expertise in SEO and communicative writing style. Business demands content that is relatable and speaks to their clients on behalf of them and Verblio understands this need. They do emphasize on strong research, impeccable grammar and a grilling filter for making content rank in the first pages of google search.

11. IWriter

Claimed to have crafted more content than any other agency for the past decade, I writer too has a wide clientele ranging from e-commerce to travel and showbiz and entertainment. Their attractive scheme of don’t pay a dime until you are 100% satisfied magnets clients each day. They stress that before you pay for your content, you view a set of their samples to gain an idea about the level and expertise. This process of clarity is highly valued, and they have maintained this. On the point of payment, they are a little more cost-effective than many on this list. 

12. fate

This firm has earned its name in the industry for being capable of the most accurate SEO service. The experts at FatJoe have been employed at this feat for a while now which has helped them cater to client satisfaction, and a handsome amount of customers have built on customer satisfaction with the brand. Offering a plethora of services ranging from Blogs, Website copywriting, the firm claims themselves to be the unfought and undisputed champion for agencies and marketing campaigns. They have done some ground-breaking work in niche specialization, and they expect to build on that success in the upcoming decade.

13. SEOButler

Known to be a tough competitor to FatJoe in the SEO contingencies, SEOButler has made a name for itself too. With a satisfied clientele, they indulge clients in all kinds of content needs ranging from guest posts, social signals, and a varied other specialization. Although new in the business, they have got their engines rolling fast to catch on with this raging industry soon.

14. Copify

This firm is an expert in building websites and crafting content within a budget. Renowned for their low budget plans by hiring writers from all over the world, they are very efficient for the manner in which they can craft the content. Although there are some shortcomings such as not always being provided with native English speaker for assignments, Shopify makes sure they deliver their best with each project.

15. Text Workers

One of the most professional content writing services in the market again, this firm based out of USA is preferred by many agencies and businesses for their attention to deadlines and SEO friendly work. They use licensed images in their work so that the website is not caught up in copyright issues later and it is within their package that they even provide you with a full and optimal account and content management solution. Original work and great service would define them in a nutshell.

16. TextMaster

Often scholars need translation and services revolving around translation. As a matter of fact, even international marketing campaigns too deserve a sense of translation while promoting in various continents and countries. In that case, TextMaster is a one-stop translating solution with writers and translators from all over the world. They are within the industry for more than a decade and their intentions to move ahead with the vision to reduce language barriers in business is very endearing. They again are not cheap in terms of payment but very expert with their trade and its peripheries.

17. Writing Studio

Writing Studio attracts clients with its young and fresh approach with writers specializing in blog posts, press releases, web content, scripts, articles, white papers, E-books and much more. They have a proven success over product descriptions and often are very convincing with their blog content. With a history of work over the medical field and health help websites, they can be very cost-effective too.

18. Content fly

Another bird making it big in the blogs and social media posts race, this firm is best known for its option for a free trial. Scale-up with this business effectively and fast by grabbing expert services from the top 1% of writers around the globe. With an easy and effective procedure, clients find it a memorable experience to have associated with the firm. They often are praises about writers, but they also leave a note for the cost-effective and deadline catering work available.

19. Crowd Content 

Very renowned in matters of deadlines and quick turnarounds, crowd content believes in the part of being adept with allotting projects to writers. They understand the efficiency of deadliness and make sure that there are no delays with the client’s work. Very few platforms could get work and projects done with the speed managed by Crowd Content. However, it is imperative that the content will lack finesse and that cutting edge element being researched in such a short while. Therefore, there may be a lack in terms of quality content.

20. Writers Access

Famous for its huge variety, this firm is another haven for freelance writers to find clients looking for content related to business and marketing. They are a one-stop solution for coming up with great and innovative ideas to continue with a campaign in business or any kind of newsletters as the ideas are being pooled in first and then being drained into the content filtering every little shortcoming. However, although freelance, it does not come cheap with huge bills for projects, and it may differ based on deadlines.

21. Constant Content

As the name suggests, it is a flea market for blogs, articles, posts, press releases, white papers, eBooks and more kinds of content with writers available throughout day and night. The freelance writers often get employed with regular work as long as they possess the flair for it and the expertise in client communication. Having been in this business for a while, the members have made a fortune and are always very supportive of their clients, both writers and customers. It is an awesome opportunity for writers to meet their big breaks while working freelancing.

Content business aims to generate a huge percentage of income in the future with each of these firms providing handsome amounts and remunerations to their writers. Nonetheless, one must be extremely creative and versatile to survive this business. There is no prosthetic for an established writer in this market and once that is established, it is convenient for both the writer and the company to fix the worth.

In this rapidly evolving world, being updated on general affairs is very important as that is the secret hoard for any writer. Besides that, one must also have knowledge in perspective tools and eventually make a living out of it. Having done these effectively, a writer is bound to achieve success in this business as there are abundant opportunities in this young trade. Therefore, let this not overwhelm but be an induction to this interesting universe of content writing services.

Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

Creative Content Writer and Copywriter, Bhavik Sarkhedi is the author of 7 published books. He is the founder of 'Write Right' - a 7 year old independent content writing agency, primarily targeting businesses and startups with the technological background. He has been a dedicated and freelance content writer to Entrepreneur India Magazine, HuffingtonPost, Yourstory and 15 other reputed blogs

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